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Collector´s editions not only for movie fans.

Steel-ray® is a registered trademark and patent pending product. You will find exclusive limited numbered collector´s editions under this trademark developed especially for movie and game fans.
Steel-ray® edition is an alternative for those collector´s who are expecting not only luxury steel box, but a lot more.

Thanks to its diverse range of products, playfulness, creativity and multipurpose use, it can take a wider range of customers.
Let ́s watch & play“ that ́s our motto. The name Steel-ray® comes from english words Steel and Ray. Therefore among other products, all our editions will include Blu-ray disc with Steel tin signs and accessories.  The rest is up to our customers imagination.

Steel-Ray James Hunt Slogan

„To hell with safety. All I want to do is race.“

James Hunt

„There are more important things in the world than to be World Champion. Like staying alive.“

Niki Lauda


Our Blog is dedicated to our editions,
production process from begining to the end.

RUSH 2013

The translation is in progress… Rivalové 2013 Ohledně tohoto filmu se už asi žádná novinka napsat nedá, recenzí už bylo několik a kdo tam hraje, už asi také víme. [...]

February 10th, 2019|Blog, Film|